MIAMI SOLES ~ Footwear & Accessories ~ Classic boat shoes, waterproof slip-on boat shoes / casual deck shoes & penny loafers,  TPU - Thermo Polyurethane boat shoes & loafers, Thermo Polyurethane  deck shoes & loafers,  EVA boat shoes, EVA deck shoes, rubber boat shoes,
classic iconic boat shoes in bright colors, exotic leather boat shoes, genuine python skin boat shoes, alligator skin boat shoes, stingray skin boat shoes, deck shoes & loafers ~   


Our Soles:


Miami Soles creates state of the art TPU injection molded boat or deck shoes and loafers with iconic details.
By incorporating state of the art TPU and EVA properties, Miami Soles delivers fresh, fun color pallets in virtually the same classic, iconic shoes your Grandfather wore.  The characteristics of Miami Soles iconic styles allows us to deliver color combinations that will make you say, "Wow!"
Miami Soles footwear loves the beach, the surf, the boat, the yacht, the course, the barn, the paddock, the stables, the track, brunch, lunch and happy hour.  Miami Soles brings new meaning to the idea of "Tail Gating in Fashion"!
Not wearing Miami Soles on game day surely means: "You didn't get the Memo!?"
Miami Soles are non skid, non stain and have No Rules.
We don't check I.D. so you can wear them anywhere! Smile


Our Product:


TPU - Thermo Polyurethane  TPU is a sole material which can be injected as a clear, transparent or colored unit. TPU is flexible and 20% harder wearing and can be molded thinner than standard PU. This unique material combines lightness, strength and flexibility.


EVA - Ethylene-vinyl acetate, or Eva is a polymer that has similar softness and flexibility to natural rubber yet can be processed and shaped like PU and TPU.


Miami Soles uses two types of EVA - a harder, more durable compound is used to make the soles,  while the softer "foam" compound is used in our comfort foam footbeds and insoles. EVA is very lightweight and has excellent cushioning properties.



  • Non-skid, non-stain.
  • 20% harder wearing.
  • Lightness, strength and flexibility.
  • Classic, Iconic styles.
  • Removable insoles.
  • Waterproof.


Walking in the surf, in the rain???  No problem - the water will drain right out!!!   

Walking in the barn, in you know what? Undecided Wash them off, they'll dry quickly! Smile








Burgundy & Tan Penny Loafer


White, Green & Orange Boat Shoe / Loafer


Orange & Grey Boat Shoe / Loafer

Orange & Green Penny Loafer


More colors coming!  

Plus exotics! Genuine python skin, alligator skin & stingray skin! 




Orange & Blue  Penny Loafer  


Blue & Orange Penny Loafer 


Green & Orange Penny Loafer


Burgundy & Brown  Penny Loafer


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